Tutor.com and your privacy

You should be aware that Tutor.com works differently from every other third party service provided by the Larchmont Public Library and Westchester Library System. When you sign in to Tutor.com, the service will gain access to personal information connected to your library account.

Usually, when a third party vendor such as Overdrive or PressReader, asks you to enter your library card number and your PIN, it is only to verify that the library account exists and is active. It does not gain access to personally identifiable information such as your name, email address and so on. That is why the first time you place a hold on an eBook in Overdrive you are asked to give your email. Overdrive will remember it from then on, but the Library System did not give it to them. You did.

When you sign in to Tutor.com for the first time, you are also creating an account with them. At the same time, they are going into your library account and getting information such as your name and email. We do not know if they are also collecting your home address, telephone number and circulation information. According to their Privacy Policy, they will not share your information with anyone.

We created this extra page because access to Tutor.com is so different from all the other services we provide. Hopefully, you’ve read and understood everything above this paragraph before you click on this link to access Tutor.com. If you don’t want to give up your personal information, click here to go back to the home page.