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Tutor.com at your service!

We know that many parents have officially turned into substitute teachers in the ‘Stayhome School District’ and we hope you have been utilizing our online resources to help guide you. Yes, there’s a lot to get you started and out of jams but do you still feel like maybe you need additional help? We’re sure you’ve discovered a few gaps in your education and need clearer answers than what Google can offer. Hint: don’t ask you neighbors for help either. Jim next door thinks a ‘predicate’ is someone with a prior felony conviction, and that a ‘standard deviation’ is a tax credit. If only there was someone who actually knew the answers.

Tutor.com to the rescue! This incredible resource is a service of the Princeton Review. Tutor.com is staffed with online, expert tutors covering 40 subjects in one-on-one sessions done either by voice or online chat room. Need help editing/proofreading a paper, resume or cover letter? You can submit one and a real person will give you feedback within 24 hours. Has trigonometry left you and your child baffled? Can’t remember the difference between ‘Nitrate’ and ‘Nitrite’ in chemistry? Not sure where to go for SAT/PSAT/ACT prep? Get out your library card and pull up Tutor.com under our online resources tab. Your tutor will be assigned based on the age level of the student in need. They cover the whole gamut – from Kindergarten to Adult, depending upon the topic.

Since an actual person is helping you in real time, Tutor.com’s hours are limited. They have generously extended them, however, due to the current situation. Live help is available from 9am to 10pm on weekdays.

Lastly, the test practice section could be useful to see how well you’ve done as a teacher and see where students need to improve. Have a look.

Note: To use this free service, don’t just type “Tutor.com” in your web browser. Use the link in this post or the link under Research on our homepage. That way you’ll be able to sign in with just your library card number and your PIN. Remember, your PIN is most likely the last four digits of your phone number. If you need help you can email us at larchmontlibrary@wlsmail.org or call 914-734-5362 on weekdays between 10am and 4pm.