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Upcoming Programs May 18th-May 31st

You probably know that a hundred years ago women in the United States could not vote, but do you know the history of how they earned the right? Join local historian David Osborn on Friday, May 22nd at 1pm to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women earning their right to vote in the Triumph of Woman Suffrage. Do your children (or you) need a fun way to end the week? Why not try Friday Fun with Linnea on YouTube, this Friday, May 22nd at 9am. Are you a teen and have a book you are dying to discuss with someone? Join our teen librarian Kim Larsen to discuss your book in the Any Book Club on Mondays at 3pm.  Plus much much more. Click on each program below for more information and to sign up. To view past upcoming programs posts check out our archives.

Adult Programs

Celebrating the Sketchbook with Frank Connelly on FACEBOOK LIVE
Tuesday, May 19th and May 26th at 2pm

Zoom Practice
Wednesday, May 20th at 4pm

Dementia Conversations
Wednesday, May 20th at 10am

Westchester Women Speak Out ONE BOOK ONE COMMUNITY with Dana Rubin live on Zoom
Wednesday, May 20th at 2pm

Great Courses: A Skeptic’s Guide to American History on ZOOM
Thursday, May 21st at 10am

Triumph of Woman Suffrage with David Osborn on Zoom
Friday, May 22nd at 1pm

Yoga with Damien Germino Online through Zoom
Saturday, May 23rd at 12:15pm

Film Screening and Discussion with Paul Doherty on ZOOM
Friday, May 29th at 10am

Grand Central: An Illustrated Discussion with Anthony Robins ONE BOOK ONE COMMUNITY live on Zoom
Sunday, May 31st at 2pm

Children’s Programs

Activity of the Week with Rebecca and Gordon on YouTube
Monday, May 18th and May 25th at 9am

Toddler Storytime with Linnea on Facebook Live
Tuesday, May 19th and May 26th at 10am

Family Bedtime Stories on Facebook Live
Thursday, May 21st and May 28th at 7pm

Friday Fun with Linnea on YouTube
Friday, May 22nd and May 29th at 9am

Teen Programs

Any Book Book Club
Monday, May 18th and May 25th at 3pm