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We Couldn’t Agree More

OK, so our Reference staff is admittedly beaming a little bit after reading this article, InterLibrary Loan Will Change Your Life.

There are a few reasons why we’re feeling especially good about this article, which showers the ILL (InterLibrary Loan) book lending system with such praise. The biggest reason is that the Larchmont Library processes the most ILLs out of any library in Westchester County!

We are very special, elite ILL champions who take their ILL duties very seriously.

In case you don’t know, an ILL is a little ‘different’ than just ordering a book from a local library in Mamaroneck or Chappaqua. An ILL book can come to you from out of state or a university library or even a naval academy!

There is some extra work involved when it comes to ordering and processing an ILL- hence the stern warnings about the ‘white band.’ Our librarians, along with the ILL staff at the Westchester Library System, work together to make sure our patrons get the exact book they want, however outlandish or obsolete it might be. A critical lesson to take away from this article is simply this- knowledge is power and without books (wherever they might be traveling from) we lose sight of this power. If you want to learn about planting purple flowers on the moon, we are going to help you find a book on that exact topic… and we’ll let you have it for four weeks!

Is there a book or magazine article you want but can’t get? Go to our Interlibrary Loan Page to get started.