121 Larchmont Avenue   Larchmont, NY 10538   (914) 834-2281

We've changed our email address

Our new address is larchmontlibrary@wlsmail.org. Now the Library and the staff have the same domain. You can keep using larchmontlibrary@hotmail.com for now, so don’t panic. Both addresses are monitored by reference staff and we try to respond to all nonspam emails within 24 hours.

Some email tips:

  • Try to include your library card number in your correspondence. We try to know all our patrons but an email along the lines of “Hey, it’s Drew. Can you get me the following books….” makes our life difficult if we don’t know who Drew is.
  • If you are suggesting we purchase something, try our handy-dandy purchase suggestion page.
  • Requests for items outside the system can be done via email rather than through the online forms. The advantage of the online forms for us that it requires you to enter all the information we need to process your request.
  • Complaints are welcome. They help us improve things.