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Your new friend, Lynda

Like everyone else in the state, you’ve been watching “Cuomo o’Clock” daily, waiting to see the latest on reopening New York. It’s going to happen, in time. Until then, you may be wondering about improving your work skills in some way. WordPress? The latest from Excel? How to make Zoom ( which you had never heard of in early March) really work for you? Improve your customer relations or teamwork skills? Develop your time management ability? Get started in graphic design or learn Quickbooks? How to use Photoshop to make it look like you had a great time in quarantine? Except for the last one, these are good things to learn, and you probably have the time. But where are you going to find the online training, and without spending a fortune?

Don’t worry, we found it for you. Towards the top of any of our web pages, under “Research,” the third item down is “Job Search and Learning Aids.” Once there you’ll find a link to Lynda.com. There you can find everything listed above and plenty more. The tutorials run up to three hours, and come in “Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced” levels, with links to related videos. You can learn new approaches to your work, and maybe explore options you’ve been mulling over in the last few weeks in the “Learning Paths” section.

All of this, and all you need is your library card and your PIN to get started. Go have a look!

Note: Use the link on our web page to get your free access to Lynda.com. If you just search for “lynda.com,” you will end up paying for it. If you don’t have a card, don’t worry. We can get you one. If you do have a card, but have forgotten your PIN, most likely it is the last four digits of the phone number you gave when you got your library card. If you need help you can email larchmontlibrary@wlsmail.org any time or call (914) 734-5362 on Weekdays between 10am and 4pm.